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I’ve been an equal-opportunity pet lover since birth. All kinds of furred, feathered, finned and fanged beasts have shared my life, but I must admit that dogs and cats top my list. I’m very grateful for my success as a pet writer, but feel even more fortunate that I truly love my work. Bottom line, I get paid to talk and write about dogs and cats-wow!

My college double-majors in music and theater prepared me for performance, and I’ve worked professionally as a singer/actor, pianist and cellist, playwright and as a television news anchor. This experience also comes in handy when I make appearances and give talks about my writing.


But it was the first job as a veterinary technician back in 1981 that paved the way for my career as a pet writer. Clients didn’t always understand health care information-so from the beginning, my work translated medicalese into language all of us non-veterinarians could understand. When successful, my articles and books help make you an equal partner in the health and well-being of your cats and dogs.

More recently my nonfiction expertise has expanded into the fiction realm. I’m pleased to read reviews that comment on how much the dog-viewpoint thrillers (with a dose of cat!) have both entertained and enlightened readers to the wonderful world of pets.

SerenRosesFor those curious about my schedule, I spend 10 to 12 hours, six days a week in my home office on book projects or writing-related work–or on the road speaking. Most times, researchers and other experts are only a phone or email interview away–you do NOT want to have my phone bills! When I need the break, I explore our 13-acre “spread” called Rosemont located in North Texas, and named for the more than 500 antique rose bushes that bloom a kaleidoscope of color each spring and fall.

NookGlassMy office window looks out on the garden, pond, and horse field, and offers a view of wildlife that includes hawks and bobcats, bluebirds and coyotes. The house, a Georgian colonial, contains about ten floor-to-ceiling stained glass floral panels, and seven “Tiffany-style” stained glass lampshades that make inside work much more pleasant. I design and make them in my spare time. Writers tend to bleed for their art anyway, doncha know, so glass-cutting fits right in! And of course, assorted critters make their home at Rosemont. From time to time, I’ll post a photo or two of one or more of my furry crew.

Writing can be a lonely business so I hope you’ll take a peek at my NEWS page or subscribe to my PET PEEVES newsletter and visit my BLING, BITCHES & BLOOD BLOG. Maybe we can meet up when I’m at an event in your neck of the woods. I’d love to meet you and swap pet stories!


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