….several exciting things, at the moment! A number of updates have been added (as of September 2017) to this page, so scroll on down. A quick recap follows-you can read further for nitty-gritty details.

  bluewindowMore than any other, this page offers an insider’s look at the author’s life and work. A book begins as an idea, then evolves with research, questions asked and answered, pictures added or subtracted, and edits made, until every intricate piece fits together like the myriad jigsaw pattern of fine stained glass. When successful, the published work shines-the individual parts no longer stand alone, but instead work as one to make a single glorious work of art.

Authors write alone, of necessity, but not in a vacuum. Writers cannot hope to succeed without readers–one cannot exist without the other! And I’ve got the BEST Sweet Peeps around, and thank you so very much for being a part of my writerly journey.

MagicKissOf course, I’m never alone when I write–and always have a past, current or (perhaps?) future furry-muse hanging around to inspire my work. Although my Magical-Dawg (above) left us 9-19-17, he continues to rule my heart and offers fuzzy inspiration for much of my work. The twenty-one-year-old cat, Seren(dipity) never succumbed to his charms, though, which kept things interesting.

cat sandwichThen in February 2014, Karma-Kat showed up on the patio. In the picture he’s the one on top, making a “Seren sandwich). Isn’t he handsome? He’s a shaded silver tabby pattern cat, and he (like Seren) was a dumped kitten .  Seren is still hissed off but Magical-Dawg got a new best friend. These days, Karma is mourning Magic, just as much as we are. You can read all about it in this blog post Karma Comes Home.

I welcome hearing from readers! You can reach me on my BLING, BITCHES & BLOOD BLOG and say “howdy” in the comments. 

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PROMOTIONS, appearances and writing activities of interest

Natural Healing book cover

My “natural healing” book has been reborn! After being out of print for several years, it’s once again available in an oversize print edition, and for the first time in Kindle and audio book formats. Currently, it’s only available through Amazon…if you’re a Kindle Unlimited subscriber, you’re in luck!

Check it out here.

Texas Thespians Header

My co-author Frank Steele and I were honored to present a couple dozen seminars and workshops in 2015 and at the December 2016 Texas State Thespian Festival.  Starz LogoWe used our original scripts and music as teaching tools. The students (and teachers!) LOVED STRAYS, THE MUSICAL and a middle school in Houston, Texas licensed and produced the show last spring. This year, the big favorites will be STARZ, and the two-woman show A COMFORT BREEZE. You can find more information at the Shojai & Steele Plays page.

blogpurrAnd this past September, I was hosted by Merck Animal Health to speak at their BLOGPURR event in New York City

I have several upcoming appearances planned. Please stop in and say HOWDY if you’re in the area.

NEWS FLASH! CAT FACTS has won 2 awards! & New Series Launch!


Y’all know that both the award-winning CAT FACTSand the companion book DOG FACTSprint books & kindle versions (550+ pages with illustrations) released in the past few months, but now both are available in treat-size installments. Here’s why I’m doing this and if you want your installments you can go here for Dog Facts, The Series or head over for Cat Facts, The Series.


Check out upcoming appearances here.


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