bar Hey there–and thanks for visiting. As a creative person I wear many sparkly hats, from playwright, composer and performer to writer/blogger/author/journalist. Check out a few of my recent and upcoming appearances on this page.


Amy Shojai Recent Appearances

BLOG-ICITY: WHY MOST BLOGS SUCK & HOW TO MAKE IT WORK — You got a book contract–CONGRATS!–but your editor says you need a blog. How do you start? What should you blog? Why blog at all? A well planned and executed blog can build audience, create content for future books, even get you a book contract, and enhance author credibility. This session answers your must-know questions, and points out some of the common reasons blogs fail, and why every writer (both nonfiction and fiction) should consider blogging. We’ll discuss blog platforms, choosing content, scheduling effectively, monetizing your blog, copyright and FTC disclosure issues and more in this fun powerpoint presentation.
SCRIPTING NEKKID: The Playwright’s Life: Learn what’s involved in writing plays, and how to take a script from concept to production. Find out the nuts and bolts about what works, the challenges involved, and personal experience examples (the good, the bizarre and the awesome). Topics covered include play format, path to production, how to include music (or not), copyright issues, and how to collaborate (without killing each other!). This powerpoint presentation includes examples from SHOJAI & STEELE PLAYS productions, and more.

Amy Shojai Recent Appearances

Texas Thespians Header

Nov. 15 – 18, 2017 (Texas Thespian Festival).  SHOJAI & STEELE PLAYS presented workshops at the TEXAS THESPIAN FESTIVAL to the 7100 attending student actors.

logo for playsSessions include: DAREDEVIL ACTING, SING BAD TO SELL YOUR SONG, TALK “DIRTY” TO ME, LICENSE TO BE OBNOXIOUS and many more. Check out our offerings here.

blogpurrSeptember 13, 2016, Hotel Indigo, Lower East Side, New York City.

Hosted by Merck Animal Health, a gathering of cat bloggers (invitation only).

DRAMA-MOMMA TO DOTING DAD. What types of Cat Parents are you and your readers? Every cat is the same—aloof, stand offish, can’t be trained….WE KNOW that’s false! Cats are like furry snowflakes, each with a different look and purr-sonality. So are owners. And while we all share a passion for cats—and so do our readers—understanding the kinds of cat parents who read our blogs can help us serve them better, and in turn, their cats. This fun power point includes a Q & A discussion of what’s “normal” for you and for your readers.


I’m also happy to craft a talk for your specific event. You can contact me by email amy @ (no spaces). Most of my in-person and webinar presentations include fun power point talks complete with SQUEEE! cute pet pictures.

You can also review my ASK AMY video series that covers all the funny, puzzling, frustrating and bizarre things our cats and dogs do–with tips how to solve your pet peeves. Here’s a sampling of some questions:

Animal Planet asked for my expertise for Dogs 101 and Cats 101. I was interviewed about 14 dog breeds and a dozen cat breeds. Of course, the fur-kids get all the really kewl close-ups! That’s me, with a lovely MinPin helper during the taping. These shows continue to air in reruns so you’ll be able to catch the full episodes by dialing up the TV shows. A sampling of some of the episodes are below:


American Shorthair




German Shepherd Dog

Basset Hound

Golden Retriever

Pembroke Welsh Corgi


Bichon Frise



West Highland White Terrier

TWICE MONTHLY KXII “Pet Talk” TELEVISION SEGMENTS Winner of the Cat Writers’ Association “MUSE MEDALLION” Award

Since January 2001, I’ve co-hosted the KXII-TV “Pet Talk” segment on the CBS morning news program, and in 2010 that moved to the noon time frame. I provide the topic and commentary in answer to the interviewer’s questions.

Pet Talk airs the first and third Wednesday of each month at 12:00 p.m. If you are in the viewing area (North Texas and Southern Oklahoma) and would like a particular topic addressed, please send me a note.

View other KXII Pet Talk segments featuring Amy by visiting her YouTube channel.


4--PetPeevesRadiologo--2-12-08PET PEEVES debuted in 2008, and since that time Amy recorded 82 shows. Pet Peeves won multiple Cat Writers’ Assn. “Muse Medallion” and Dog Writer’s Association of America “Maxwell Medallion” and special awards.

PET PEEVES covers what makes pet lovers snarl and growl, wag and purr, or bare their teeth, bringing together top animal experts to discuss, explain–and sometimes argue about–common and not-so-common pet peeves!

I dare you to listen–prepare to be challenged, entertained, and potentially PEEVED…but never, ever bored!

Archived shows remain available for your podcast listening enjoyment here. You can scroll through the listings and click on the topics that make you purr, howl, or sit up and beg.

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