Book Promotion & Author Branding

Book promotion and author branding, in combination, helps make a book successful. Writing a brilliant book comes first, of course, but readers must be able to find your work to purchase and read it. That means DISCOVERABILITY.


The session also addresses ways to define, enhance, and build your author brand to create credibility as the go-to expert in your field.


For your book to be discovered amid the masses of published work requires effort on several fronts. This coaching call outlines basic principles for book promotion before, during and after publication. Popular and effective free-to-pricy advertising options will be examined.

LIGHTS! CAMERAS! ACTION! Media Training for Writers

 This part of the presentation teaches you how to hone your pitch with interview presentation tips, production how-to advice for radio, TV, podcasts, YouTube and more as part of writer/author promotion. Can include interactive mock-interviews with participants.



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