Cat Facts, The Series

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CAT FACTS, THE SERIES offers economical treat-size morsels to make it easy for pet parents to access only the specific cat-centric information needed. Each individual chapter provides detailed topic entries covering what to do, home care, vet care and more...

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About the Book


Cat Facts, The Series is drawn from the illustrated CAT FACTS: The Pet Parent’s A-to-Z Home Care Encyclopedia, a 550+ page fully illustrated trade paperback and Ebooks. Not everyone wants the entire book, though.

I wanted the information as widely and easily accessible as possible, and so have broken up the book into individual alpha-chapters, with the back matter appendices included in each separate chapter. That way, you can access only the topics of interest of you, at a steep discount.

Each chapter is priced individually from about $2.99-$4.99 (depending on number of topics covered), and each individual chapter includes the Resources, and a Breeds At A Glance table to help you choose the perfect feline companion, or understand the kitty who shares your pillow now. The Symptoms & Conditions chart encompasses all potential conditions/entries listed in the complete CAT FACTS book (not just this individual chapter), to help you identify the potential condition or cause of specific signs or symptoms your special cat might display.

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It’s far more economical to purchase the complete CAT FACTS: The Pet Parent’s A-to-Z Home Care Encyclopedia ($9.99 on Kindle, and $24.99 print book) that contains all 26 alpha-chapters, 200+ cute kitty pictures and over 550 pages of great cat info!

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Abscess to Asthma
Bad Breath to Burns
Cancer to Cytology
Ear Mites–Eyes
False Pregnancy to Frostbite
Geriatric to Grooming


Hair to Hypothermia
Ibuprofen to Introduce
Jacobson’s Organ
Kidney to Kneading
Laser to Lungworms
Mammary Glands to Music Therapy
Navigation to Nutrition
Obesity to Outdoor Shelter
Pain to Pyometra
Quarantine to Queen
Rabies to Roundworms
Salmonella to Sweat Glands
Tapeworms to Trichomoniasis
Ulcer to Uveitis
Vaccine to Vomiting
Walking Dandruff to Wool Sucking
X-ray to  Xylitol Poisoning
Yellow Fat Disease (Steatitis)



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Cat Facts, The Series
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