ComPETability: Solving Behavior Problems in Your Multi-DOG Household

STOP THE GROWLS! Solve Your Canine Concerns Here!

From dog-matic aggression and guarding the food bowl, to understanding dog language and soothing separation anxiety, ComPETability explains and offers easy solutions to common dog behavior problems that drive their humans crazy.

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About the Book


People love dogs–and often “double their pleasure” by sharing their hearts (and pillows) with more than one. But dog behavior problems puzzle the most savvy pet owners especially when you add more pets to the furry equation. And behavior problems are the #1 reason pets lose their homes.

This book helps any dog lover (whether you share your home with one or a dozen canines). It demystifies common behaviors and dog disputes, explains aggression (it’s NORMAL!), solves pet potty challenges and dinnertime woes, and redirects normal (but aggravating) dog-to-dog behaviors.

This guide explains aggressive dog behavior and dog fights, dog language, positive dog obedience training techniques, how to stop dog biting and prevent dog behavioral problems. You’ll find detailed prescriptive how-to advice from premier dog trainers and behaviorists on the most common problems found in the multi-dog household. Step by step tips from this award-winning author and certified animal behavior consultant uses dog psychology to address:

* Dog bites, dog aggression, and dog fights
* Scared dogs, noise phobias, dog fireworks fears, and canine thunder phobias
* Canine separation anxiety, dog separation behaviors, and dog destructive behaviors
* Dog resource guarding of toys, food and owners
* Manage dog nutrition and meals
* Puppy house training and dog marking behaviors
* Positive dog training tips including clicker training, lure training, and obedience training
* Proper dog introductions
* Introduce dogs and a new baby or kids
* How to introduce dogs to cats
* Reduce bullying behavior
* How to choose pet friends to reduce growls
* Solve common pet peeves: barking, puppy chewing, dog digging, puppies eating poop, dogs rolling in poop, dogs jumping up, and more!

Fun, practical, and eminently informative, ComPETability helps you devise strategies that enable multiple dogs to live in harmony within the same household. Written by one of America’s premier pet experts, the book explains everything the loving dog owner needs to know. Most important, CompPETability provides crucial tips on how to evaluate and match your pets’ personalities, improve their relationships, and make your home a sanctuary for canine fun and peace.

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Series: ComPETability, Book 1
Genre: Dog Books
Tags: dog behavior, dog training
ASIN: 1621250695
ISBN: 9781621250692
Don't let the title fool you - this book would be good for someone with just one dog as well, as it gives a lot of good information on why dogs do what they do, what can cause a lot of the common behavior problems, and how to help dogs and people get along too...
About the Author
Amy Shojai

Amy Shojai is a certified animal behavior consultant, and the award winning author of more than 35 nonfiction pet care books and pet-centric Thrillers With Bite!


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