Amy’s cat books, and dog books offer detailed advice for many of your pet questions. If you need more . . . Amy Shojai is a certified animal behavior consultant (cats/dogs) through, pet first aid certificate, and Fear Free Certified. 

You may be able to find general answers to your pet behavior problems in one of the prescriptive nonfiction books (listed below). Amy also is in the process of creating on-demand coaching care classes discounted for accessibility. Click the titles, below, to learn more:

Cat-egorical Indoor Enrichment: DIY Pro Tips for Improving Cat Health


For a professional one-on-one dog or cat behavior consultation appointment and/or referral, e-mail your request to  to receive the required questionnaire to complete. Please type PET CONSULT in the subject line.

Amy offers only a limited number of in-person consults if you live within the N. Texas driving area. The charge is $130/hour plus milage (minimum one hour for in-person consults), and this includes a half hour phone follow-up within 30 days.

However, many specific behavior concerns may be addressed with a telephone consult. For pet consults that are out of Amy’s driving area she is happy to refer you to a colleague. For issues that can be addressed by telephone consult, the charge is $100 for a full hour that includes a written report and one (1) free 10-minute follow-up by phone within 30 days of the initial consult.

A half hour phone consult runs $65 and includes the written report. Amy is happy to follow up and answer a reasonable number of emails at no charge for 30 days following the initial consult.

The invoice for the appropriate amount will be sent once the questionnaire has been completed and returned. Payment by PayPal is due either prior to the phone consult or at the time of the in-house visit. EMAIL ME FIRST or I may not see your request!

Behavior Consultation


You can find free pet care and behavior advice in my articles, newsletters & social media:

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