STRAYS, THE MUSICAL (Piano-Vocal Score)

STRAYS, THE MUSICAL (Piano-Vocal Score)

STRAYS, THE MUSICAL is a pet-centric show celebrating the love we share with cats and dogs. Written for singers & nonsingers, with country, pop, rap, calypso, gospel styles and more. Cast 12 to 30+ actors of any age or type, with minimal sets/costumes.

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About the Book

KarmaStrays4STRAYS, THE MUSICAL! explores furry foibles from the PETS’ point of view. The actors give voice to a variety of cat and dog characters in this hilarious–and often moving–musical review “drama-dy” that seeks to edu-tain audiences about normal pet behavior while honoring the bond we share with them. Purchase the SCRIPT/LIBRETTO here.


The two-hour review-format offers a mix of funny to poignant monologues and scenes with and without music, perfect for middle school to high school contest/performance as well as adult community theater actors. Music style varies from pop-rock, boogie woogie, folk and country, to jazz, gospel and Celtic, with multiple verses offering many feature solo line opportunities. Company numbers require two- to three-part harmonies in mid-tenor/alto ranges, often written as “rounds” or combinations of previously sung solo lines for ease of learning.

STRAYS is performed with a recorded full orchestration CD, or with this PIANO-VOCAL SCORE which contains the lyrics and piano reduction for all 13 songs. A script with vocal parts is also available, as well as a CD/cast recording.

A preview of STRAYS debuted at the Cat Writers Association 20th Anniversary Conference in Dallas, Texas on November 1, 2013. A staged reading of STRAYS was performed March 22, 2014, and a cast recording of the songs produced. The full production was mounted November 6-7-8, 2014 also at the Honey McGee Theater in Sherman, Texas. View the video sample from the opening night performance on this page.

For licensing information contact amy @ (no spaces) with STRAYS in the subject line.

Songs include:

  • Strays (Company)
  • Grazing (Bass Solo, Trio backup)
  • Itchy Dog (Solo)
  • Dream Cat (Soprano Duet)
  • Cuz I’m A Dawg (Solo-male or female)
  • Normal (Solos, Company with Rap)
  • Dog On The Run (Baritone Solo)
  • Eight Lives in Heaven (Tenor Solo, Treble Duet Backup)
  • The Muse (Solo & Company)
  • Gotcha Day (Company)
  • The Least of These/Perfect (Solos/Company)
  • Rainbow Pets (Trio, Company)
  • Strays-Bows (Company)

The playwrights want to help YOU make your STRAYS experience a great success and will promote updates about productions.

Authors: ,
Series: STRAYS, Book 2
Genre: Plays
Publication Year: 2014
ASIN: 1500892025
ISBN: 9781500892029
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STRAYS, THE MUSICAL (Piano-Vocal Score)
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