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Hi there, I’m Amy Shojai — you could say I’m all about cats and dogs. Whether writing pet-centric fiction or how-to prescriptive nonfiction,  I’m constantly channeling my furry muses . . . who still live with me or remain in my heart.

A Thousand Tears…Song for a Magical-Dawg

Magic muse

These days I’m hard at work on the 4th book in my SEPTEMBER & SHADOW pet-centric thriller series. Oh, and my playwright partner-in-thespian-fun and I have also begun work on the next musical.  Who needs sleep? Feel free to browse around the site, maybe grab a tips sheet, and subscribe to a newsletter (I give away lots of info-tainment every week!). I highly recommend you get a print copy of the nonfiction–just works better for reference, doncha think? *s*


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