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Hi there, I’m Amy Shojai — you could say I’m all about cats and dogs. Whether writing pet-centric fiction or how-to prescriptive nonfiction,  I’m constantly channeling my furry muse.

These days I’m hard at work on the 4th book in my SEPTEMBER & SHADOW pet-centric thriller series. Oh, and my playwright partner-in-thespian-fun and I have also begun work on the next musical.  Who needs sleep? Feel free to browse around the site, maybe grab a tips sheet, and subscribe to a newsletter (I give away lots of info-tainment every week!). I highly recommend you get a print copy of the nonfiction–just works better for reference, doncha think? *s*



“I’m going to prescribe this book for all my cat owning clients.” —Dr. Marty Becker, the father of the Fear Free veterinary visit movement.

WINNER of AAFP Cat Friendly Award, and the FEAR FREE PETS AWARD

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