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Who are Shojai & Steele?

Playwrights Amy Shojai and Frank Steele have co-authored several theatrical productions together. Each brings decades of writing and performance experience to the projects.

Frank Steele has appeared in many TV and radio commercials, movies and TV shows including DALLAS. He taught drama for twenty-seven years, including middle school thespians, and has appeared in over fifty plays as an actor or professional musician, playing drums.

Amy Shojai, although best known as a pet journalist and author, has degrees in theater and music performance. She has acted in several dozen plays in six states, played piano and cello in many productions, and made countless TV and radio appearances both locally and nationally, including Animal Planet appearances as an expert. Amy has also taught high school choir and directed musicals from Chicago and Legally Blonde, to Peter Pan and Beauty & the Beast.

Together they write the book of the show, taking turns offering potential dialogue and scene suggestions. Songs arise from the theatrical situation to move the story forward.

Shojai and Steele often begin with a concept for the song, each individually write verses or chorus of the proposed song, and then combine them for layered musical effect. Once suggested melodies and instrumentation is agreed, Shojai creates the arrangements. By the final edits, neither can tell who suggested which part once the work is completed.

More About Shojai & Steele Plays

The following shows are available for licensing from the playwrights. Fees include a specified number of non-returnable scripts, a (returnable) piano score for rehearsal, and access to digital orchestration and/or video assets for performance.

CLICK on the cover of the scripts, below, for details about performance history, performance requirements, sample video/audio from live performances, and detailed licensing information.

Shojai & Steele Plays, Strays
Shojai & Steele Plays, Starz
Shojai & Steele Plays, Radio Daze
Shojai & Steele Plays, Kurves
Shojai & Steele Plays, Comfort Breeze
Shojai & Steele Plays, Scene Studies

Shojai and Steele have frequently taught theater workshops (Texas Thespian Festival, national Junior Thespian Festival and others) and are happy to consider bringing their fun sessions to your school or theater.

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