Amy Shojai, CABC … The Accidental Writer

Sharing Pet-centric Dreams to Empower Pet Lovers

I didn’t set out to be a writer.

Nope, I planned to star on Broadway despite my shyness. Or live in a cave with a pet lion and wolf. Even as a kid, I dreamed big.

I always loved animals though. 

Becoming a  Vet Technician (a totally happy accident), I learned to translate “medicalese” to help pet parents understand complicated jargon and with encouragement I started writing these stories down and submitting them.

Plenty of book rejection letters came my way, until a New York editor who read my articles offered me two book contracts! 

Crappiocca happens.

After 911, nobody wanted pet books anymore. So I wrote the thriller I’d always wanted to read. 

And when readers loved it as much as I did–and THE JAMES ROLLINS gave me a glowing cover quote!–that first roller-coaster story turned into a series. Who’d a-thunk it? You can check out the thrillers below. Go ahead, ya know ya want to!

Today, I don’t limit my dreams. I write cat and dog nonfiction in my books, my blog, and for select corporate clients. And I still daydream in my fiction books and theatre pursuits. 

I’ve learned to look on accidents and
reinventing myself as opportunities.

After all, you gotta DREAM it first, before you can chase and catch that brass ring. I’m blessed with an abundance of furry muses who inspire my work.

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I’ve come full circle from the little girl dreaming of Broadway…today I write and perform music and plays, some with pets. And I share advice for newer writers. It’s my way to pay it forward.

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