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Thanks for visiting. As a creative person, I wear many sparkly hats, from playwright, composer and performer to writer/blogger/author/journalist. With the recent !@#$%TY!! pandemic, my in-person appearances stopped until recently. I’m also available for virtual “live” or pre-recorded on-demand talks and appearances via ZOOM or Skype or similar. Reach out to me via email amy @ (no spaces) and we’ll figure something out.

I’ve presented at Thrillerfest, BlogPaws, BlogPurr (Merck), Barkworld, Tufts Animal Expo, WANA International, Oklahoma Writers Federation Conference, San Diego Cat Show, Cat Writers Association Conference, Pet Food Forum, National Association of Professional Pet Sitters, Wichita Writers Conference, Texas Thespian Festival and more.

Most of my presentations include fun Powerpoint talks complete with SQUEEE! cute pet pictures. Browse my popular topics, and I’m also happy to create a presentation to your specifications. Scroll down for the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Book Amy Shojai to Speak…

About Pets

does my cat hate me by amy shojai

Cat-egorical Enrichment:

DIY Pro Tips for Improving Cat Health.

Get this on-demand webinar for providing must-have enrichment for your cat. It comes with a free Ecopy of the book.

Click here for access to the talk.

Prevent Delinquent Dogs:

Socializing Puppies.

They’re cute, they’re cuddle-worthy, but they grow up fast. These tips help ensure your baby dog lives up to his full potential. Learn the best age to adopt, the most important lessons to teach, and why socialization saves lives. (Seminar Approx 1 hour)

Create Confident Cats:

Socializing Kittens.

Kittens are born with cute-icity so owners just smile and won’t KILL THEM for getting in trouble. But once the cute wears off, delinquent kittens can lose their homes or lives. Socializing kittens to being handled and basic training with CRATE expectations, Liberation Training (leash/halter tips) and more builds a stronger bond. It’s life insurance for kitties! (Seminar Approx 1 hour)

Senior Moments:

Caring for Aging Pets. 

Learn to recognize common old age conditions, understand what home care is available, and how to keep golden oldie pets happy with informed quality of life decisions. Includes how-to home care, first aid, natural therapies, environmental accommodation tips and more. (Workshop Approx 2 hours)

He Followed Me Home! Introducing A New Family Member. 

Learn all the must-knows of proper pet introductions including your new baby to the resident pets. This session offers tips for choosing comPETabible pet partnerships, and how to keep the peace during cat-to-cat, dog-to-dog, and cat-to-dog introductions. You’ll also learn how to avoid common behavior problems of multipet households. (Workshop Approx 2 hours)

Pet Peeves. 

This fun session addresses the most common cat and dog complaints (potty accidents, aggression, digging, barking, clawing) and offers easy solutions and answers to such quirky subjects as: why do pets follow you to the bathroom? How can I stop pups from eating (ew!) poop. Learn how to choose the best pet combos using the P.E.T. Test, sure fire secrets to pet introductions, and more. (Workshop 2-4 hours)

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